The Jonang monastery has about 120 students and staff members. Of them, around 70 students are from Assam and Mon Tawang. In these places, children face great difficulty going to school, due to lack of means of transportation. Moreover, the parents of those children have great faith in Dharma, and the children themselves are greatly interested in monk's life. Some senior lamas from our monastery visited those places several times and collected 10-20 children in several batches, one after another, as students of this monastery. There are also around 30 monks from Outer Mongolia. They and their families are devout followers of Buddhism, and the children consider monk's life as a great dignity. Twelve amongst them are orphans. They are between 6-18 years old. Around 20 monks are newcomers from Tibet, and all of them have come to India, leaving their homeland behind, to enjoy the basic human rights (including the freedom of speech).