The Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling Monastery is a very small, modest monastery of more then one hundred monks. The majority of the monks come from Tibet, India and Mongolia. A great many of the monks are from very poor families and as such are unable to pay for their food, shelter or study, contributing instead by sharing in the daily running of the monastery.

The upkeep and maintenance of elderly and dilapidated buildings, the provision of an adequate diet for the monks, and the cost of good medical care, places a daily burden upon the monastery.

Dedicated as it is to meditation, study and spiritual training, the monastery must rely upon the support of kind and charitable donations.


Thank you for your interest in the Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling Monastery. If you would like to provide support for the monastery, a donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Ways to donate

Make a bank transfer:

If you would like to make a bank transfer, it is possible to wire your donation directly to our bank account in India. (We recommend that you check with your bank as to what charges may be made for the transfer):

      Name:               Jonang Takten Phuntsok Chosling Cultural Society,
                                  Tibetan Buddhist Monastery 
      Bank name:      State Bank of India
      Branch name:   Shimla Main Branch
      Account No:      10835936977
      Branch code:    0718
      SWIFT code:    SBININBB288

If you wish, please specify how you would like your donation to be used. We would like to ensure that we use every donation for the use it is intended. 

Also, when making a donation via bank transfer, it is recommended to alert the monastery via e-mail                                              so that we may confirm the receipt of your donation.

Phone:                 +91 117 2841410 (office)
                             +91 177 2645280 (mobile)


Address:             Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling
                             Tibetan Buddhist Monastery,
                             Sanjauli, Shimla,
                             Himachal Pradesh,

Or send a cheque:

If you wish to post a donation to the monastery, please make cheques payable to:

Name:                    Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling Cultural Society

Postal address:    Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling
                               Tibetan Buddhist Monastery,
                               Sanjauli, Shimla,
                               Himachal Pradesh,

Alternatively, anonymous donations also accepted, and gratefully received.

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