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Tulku Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche

His Excellence Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche lives in India since 1993. He has received numerous intiations and teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, especially the Hundred Instructions on Kalachakra. His Holiness named him Abbot of the Jonang Monastery in Shimla in 1998. He has the of Dorje Lopon -<<Vajra Holder>> which in the Jonang tradition is the highest tantric title of a practioner. In 2014, he was named Jonang Gyaltsab Rinpoche [ The main Representative of the Jonang Lineage in Exil].Tulku Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche holds all the Jonang tradition lineages and foremost the Wheel of Time, KALACHAKRA, Yidam Déity of the Jonangpa tradition, which traces the origin of its lineage back to the Buddha .Rinpoche was asked to transmit the teachings of this lineage by His Excellence Dorje Chang Ngawang Yonten Pal Sangpo, Rinpche’s Root la ma, Rinpoche teachers the monks in Shimla in the Jonang tradition and he teaches the Six Vajras Yogas to students of the Kalachakra Meditation Institute. Rinpoche is often invited to teach in numerous countries in Europe and America.

Former Abbot Geshe Kunga Rinchen Rinpoche

Geshe Kunga Rinchen, the ex-abbot of Jonang monastery based at Shimla in India was born in 1971 at Nyawa region in Tibet. With the gratitude of his parents, got admitted into school at very young age and completed primary schooling. In 1985, he took the monastic vows under the guidance of grateful lama, Kunga Thukji Palsangpo of Sai-Jonang monastery at Nyapa region. He had practiced six yoga of Kalacaka Tantra for three years and observed retreat like cutting off rituals and profound path for two years. 

In 1989, in the presence of reincarnated Khar Sherab Choephel, he  got the ordained monk’s vow that has been the lineage of Taranath.

In the same way of late 1989, he got the opportunity of going into hundred haunted grounds with Wugye reincarnated  Tenkho and lama Kunga Loden.

In the June of 1990, he has reached here in India. On top of that, he studied collected topic and the five treaties of Buddhist philosophy for complete seventeen years under the guidance of great ex-abbot of Drepung Gomang monastery, Tsultrim Phentsok and many other great tutors.

In 2007, in the centre of Drepung Gomang monks’ gathering, he had achieved the Kachu Geshe position and got the certificate at the same time. 

Former Abbot Geshe Kunga Tsamchung Rinpoche

Geshe kunga tsamchung was born on 1stApril 1978 at the Nyapa region in Tibet. In 1985 or at the age of eight, he had joined Sai monastery Thupten shugley Namgyal. With the guidance of his tutor Gen-Jangchup, he had studied the ritual of kalacaka and many others ritual practices. In the same way, he had become a monk and took his monastic vows in the presence of reincarnated Khar Sherab choephel. On the 1stAugust 1992, vajra master, Kunga thukji palsangpo had given him the full instruction of kalacakra. In the same way, had practiced the profound instruction, six yoga of kalacaka Tantra for three years and got many more teaching like profound cutting off rituals, Trantra’s religious cycle and Tantra’s commentary texts( མཐོང་དོན་སྒོམ་རིམ) from the same lama. And received many more empowerment, oral transmission and upadesha of Jonang perspectives. At the age of nineteen, he had joined Amchok Tsannyin monastery and had studied philosophy under the guidance of his sutra master-the old abbot.  At the age of twenty, he took his ordained vows in the presence of highly respected lama- kunga Thukjipal.

In the year 1997, he came to India and got the blessing from His holiness the 14thDalai lama.

Abbot Geshe Tulku

Kunga Choephel Rinpoche

Geshe Tulku Kunga Choephel was born in the year in 1970 in Ngapa County(Amdo Province). When he was eight years old, he was recognised as the reincarnation of Drogi Lama Jamyang Khenrap Gyatso and entered to monastic life at Jonang Droggi Monastery. He received the practice of six unions of Kalchakra initiation for three years from the Great Jonang Sagon's Kalchakra teacher Kunga Thukje Pal. From him he also received and learnt the total practice of 'Chod' and spent sometime in seclusion. He arrived in India from Tibet in the year 1997 and met His Holiness The Dalai Lama for blessings and received numerous teachings on Buddhism on numerous occasion. He entered at Drepung Monastic Institute in Mungod(South India) for the study of Buddhist Philosophy. At that time, he was again recognised as the reincarnation of Droggi Jamyang Khenrap Gyatso and formally enthroned at the Kheka Jetsun Dampa's Monastic centre at Dharamsala(India). Later on, he got his Kachupa Geshe Degree from Drepung Gomang Monastery. Then he became a teacher at Jonang Monastery, Shimla for two years and taught the monks. In the year 2009 under the kind instructions of late Khelka Jetsun Dampa, he went to Mongolia and established the said Rinpoche's religious centre there. He also newly established in Mongolia the Jonang Takten Choephel Ling Monastery in year 2015. He started the preliminary practice of Kalchakra Chod and Lamrim Chod for the devotees. Presently he is holding the post of Abbot at the Main Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling Monastery,Sanjauli, Shimla.

Lama Yonten Gyamtso

Lama Yonten Gyaltso was born in 1966 in a poor rural family in a village of Ngava. He learned the Tantric texts and rituals by heart and passed the respective examination in one of the monastry  Ser Gompa. In this monastery he also studied the five minor sciences:  Vajradara Kunga Tukje Pal. Lama Yonten Gyaltso passed the exams on Kalachakra-Tantra and went to three-year retreat for practicing the Tantra. After that he left for Lhasa for long retreats, where he meditated a lot. He did it at such retreat places around Lhasa as caves. the Buddhist theory of valid cognition for ten years. He taught philosophy for one year and held classes at the Kalachakra department of Tantric rituals for four years.Lama Yonten Gyaltso arrived in India in 1997. He first studied philosophy in Dalai Lama’s philosophy school for three years. Then he entered the monastery Jonang Takten Puentsok Choeling in Shimla. Lama Yonten Gyaltso to transmit the vast Dharma teachings of Jonang tradition in Russia and he spends most of his time in Russia, sharing his knowledge and experience with students. Jonang Dharma center was opened in Russia and Different countries.

Aku Kunga

Kunga Lama was born in Amdo province of Tibet in April 1948. Since early childhood he became a disciple in the Se monastery of his birth country. 
He was taught origins of Kalachakra and final stage meditation /Jordug/ by the great master Kunga Gyaltsen for over three years. Also, he received Tibetan grammar education from Muge Samten. He was taught Buddhist sutras by many great teachers such as Urgyen Tulku and Choikyi-Nima. He was a disciple besides The IX Jezun dampa Khutuktu of Khalkha in India where he studied Chod and Tantra.


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