Tulku Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche

His Excellence Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche lives in India since 1993. He has received numerous intiations and teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, especially the Hundred Instructions on Kalachakra. His Holiness named him Abbot of the Jonang Monastery in Shimla in 1998. He has the of Dorje Lopon -<<Vajra Holder>> which in the Jonang tradition is the highest tantric title of a practioner. In 2014, he was named Jonang Gyaltsab Rinpoche [ The main Representative of the Jonang Lineage in Exil].Tulku Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche holds all the Jonang tradition lineages and foremost the Wheel of Time, KALACHAKRA, Yidam Déity of the Jonangpa tradition, which traces the origin of its lineage back to the Buddha .Rinpoche was asked to transmit the teachings of this lineage by His Excellence Dorje Chang Ngawang Yonten Pal Sangpo, Rinpche’s Root la ma, Rinpoche teachers the monks in Shimla in the Jonang tradition and he teaches the Six Vajras Yogas to students of the Kalachakra Meditation Institute. Rinpoche is often invited to teach in numerous countries in Europe and America.

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